3x Increase in Organic Traffic of Insurance Website

About the Client

Insurance is one of the most competitive niches in the finance industry. With thousands of players vying for the top spot, you need an expert to get your website on top of Google

This Insurance Agency website found itself in a similar spot despite having years of experience in the industry.

This 10-year old insurance website was lagging behind some of the top competitors on the search and wanted a complete SEO strategy to reinvigorate the online positioning.

In this case study, we uncover the strategies that we implemented to increase the website’s overall SEO compliance and the impact it has on driving quality organic traffic by ranking keywords higher on Google.


This insurance agency website has been there for years, but the site’s SEO performance was not given the initial impetus.

However, they found multiple insurance agencies walking into the industry over time and putting out the tough competition. Many of these new agencies took over the organic
ranking positions.

The founders of the insurance agency were quick to take stock of the situation. They understood that there was a shift in the way people buy insurance policies – most of the inquiries and
purchases were mostly happening online.

We collaborated with the website owner and came up with a bespoke fully managed SEO solution, including content and off-page SEO. This website never waited for results, and
it started reflecting the very next month after we took up the challenge to improve their rankings.

The Nutshell of Our SEO Strategy

We are experts in link building, but we do understand that links alone cannot rank a website higher.
So, what we first did was a complete SEO audit of the site.

The audit revealed that the site required on-page and technical SEO fixes in addition to content tweaks before we progress with link building.

On-Page SEO Fixes

The meta title, description, and other on-page SEO factors of the website didn’t match the user intent.
We did thorough audience research and found keywords matching the real intent of the

The meta title, description, and schema were further optimized based on our research for better SERP rankings. Since we were dealing with a finance website, we also took into consideration the E.A.T aspects.

The name of all the stakeholders and insurance experts working with the company was enlisted with a detailed bio.

The blogs were published under the names of insurance experts who had credible author bio highlighting their expertise in the field.

Content Audit

Our content audit revealed gaps in the existing content – both blogs and service pages.
We refreshed the content with the help of our native experts and bridged the content gap.
This way we increased the contextual relevance of individual webpages.

Of course, we did a very detailed analysis of the money pages with the links will be built to ensure that there is no reason for Google not to rank it on top.

Building Backlink

With the website performance fine-tuned, and content refreshed, we kick-started the link building activities. Since we had a massive inventory of 50,000+ niche relevant domains, including those in the finance sector, our link building team flung into action.

Since the website had a domain authority of 30+, we shortlisted those that had more than 40+ and 50+ DA.

Once we heard back from the website owners, we got the native writers to craft insightful outreach content by placing the link to money pages contextually. And of course, these articles were first sent for client review, after which they were published.


The SEO campaign was highly successful as the website started seeing tremendous organic growth within one month.

The organic rankings and traffic improved on a month on month basis consistently till October. In November, the real results of our well-thought-out backlinks strategy started showing unprecedented results.

The organic traffic touched the all-time high for the website, and exactly four months after we started the fully managed SEO service, the organic growth touched 10x.


This insurance website’s astonishing results revealed that if the right SEO strategies are implemented, it may require only a little nudge to rank higher.

Our team worked closely with the different stakeholders of the website and understood their priorities. It helped in each stage of SEO implementation as we had a blueprint to follow and set goals to achieve.